by Modeloe

Just Keep Going

September 2, 2016

I noticed this morning that my typical writing style is to go really slow and think about everything I’m writing. I would finish a sentence, and then stop to think about what I want to write next. It was like driving down the road, and suddenly, there’s a roadblock in the middle of the road. You’re stopped. Dead in your tracks. So, you just sit there and stare at the roadblock.

This is writing from the left side of your brain. The logical, analytical part of your brain. The whole idea with morning pages is to write from the right side of your brain. The creative, non-analytical side of your brain. So, if you find yourself stopped, just keep going. Even if that means you write something like “okay, I don’t know what to write now” until you’ve completed your three pages. The words will eventually begin to flow again.