by Modeloe

Kathy Griffin Takes Over the 2014 Daytime Emmy® Awards–Suck It Jesus!

Daytime Emmy Award Show This is the biggest news in the land of TV since, well, ever. It’s a struggle to get all of the words out because there’s so much to say about this year’s fan-freaking-tastic Emmy® Awards, which are right around the corner. First up, the Daytime Emmy® Awards, the definitive TV award show, isn’t going to be on TV this year. Say what?! That’s right. Instead of inviting your friends over for your usual TV party, you get to send text-vites that read, “Hey, y’all wanna come over to live-stream the Emmys®? If you do, you have to bring your own popcorn and bowl.” Seriously, TV’s biggest night has gone low-budget. No amount of champagne or caviar is going to make your live-steam party fabulous.   Alternatively, you could pick up a few VIP after-party award show tickets with full monty access to the Beverly Hilton Ballroom, Kathy Griffin and a host of TV stars who are ready to party. The show is happening on June 22, so you’d better get of the couch before you’re stuck in a permanent position on Emmy® night.   The Ho-Ho-Host You can bet that Kathy G is going to bring it. In her words, she’ll distract millions of viewers from enjoying the World Cup, so suck it soccer fans. (We added the last part.) In case you were hibernating when Ms. Griffith won the first of two consecutive awards for her hit show “My Life on the D-List,” the suck it Jesus quote comes from her controversial acceptance speech. Not only did the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences disavow her words, E! refused to televise the only part of the show that everyone wanted to watch. The unrelated National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences doesn’t seem to remember this speech, or maybe they do and want to capitalize on Griffin’s shock-the-pants-off-the-crowd comic style.