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Earn extra income

Earn extra income

Once your template is live on our marketplace, Users will be able to discover and purchase it. You'll earn money every time a user purchases your course.

Connect with Users

Connect with Users

Help individuals and business users advance their careers, gain access to document templates, and explore new solutions by designing documents for them.

Get Support

Get Support

Take advantage of our platform, resources, our support team, or join our active community of designers to help you through your template creation process.

How it Works

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Choose Topic

Get organized

Narrow down the area of your expertise and then select the category for the template you want to design and understand the specific templates you want to upload.You get to design your templates however you want and create them in whatever document format you so wish.

You start with your passion and knowledge. Then choose a topic and design your templates in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint or any of the desktop pubkishing tools you have

You get to design the way you want — even create tenplates in multiple languages and inspire more users.

How we help you

Modeloe offers the platform and provides support on how to price and market your templates on our platform plus our designer dashboard and FAQs page help keep you on track

Create Template

Lights, camera, action

All you need is a desktop suite of software (Excel, Word, Project, PowerPoint) or whatever you are using to design your template, upload it, set a fee and you are ready to go.

How we help you

Our support team is on hand and available to help review of your templates once you have uploaded them. We will guide you on what exactly you need to do and how you need to do it

Connect with users

Reach out

Reach out, create discounts, and take advantage of the marketing opportunities provided by the Modeloe platform.

How we help you

We provide all the necessary tools to enable you engage with the users from social media interaction, to Q&As, template announcements and designer ratings